bala aella is a writer in kitakyushu, japan.

ze enjoys writing about the trialz of the teflyfe in japan, social constructs, the manufacturing of the self, light post-colonialism, and cultural clashes and jams. but sometimes she writes about pain.

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Nice things:

”Thank you for letting me read this. It was extremely genuine. I felt a lot of things while reading it… you are a good writer.” -Dana Stribling

“You are such a good writer–and this simultaneously breaks my heart and rings so true.” – Emer O’Callaghan

“That was great. I like all your metaphors–the precision of programming versus the shaded ambiguity of life. Or the memories plucked off the stem like the flower’s petals, and then why did it grow there in the first place? I like how this reflects human life. I especially enjoyed the way you frame the story with Jude’s artwork on the ceiling, how it comforts him and then he tears it down, no longer seeking comfort in the illusion.
I think I spent almost as much time on Wikipedia afterward looking up some of those literary references. But that’s good. I dig it.” -Lukasz Palka